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FreeJet 330TX

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What is the Freejet 330tx?

The FreeJet330TX is the industry’s highest quality, low maintenance direct to garment printer! Featuring our industry exclusive Wet Cap maintenance system, designed to maintain and preserve the life of the print head. This exclusive feature creates an air tight protective enclosure for the print head, shielding it from the elements and safeguarding against clogging. Even when not in use, FreeJet 330TX can stand for weeks without the need for daily maintenance. This means when you’re ready to print, the machine will be ready too. FreeJet, the hassle free DTG!

The FreeJet 330TX operates on our industry leading Direct RIP software, for seamless printing on any light or dark garments. In conjunction with our Direct Ink (powered by DuPont Artistri), the Freejet produces bright and vivid prints on light and dark garments with optimal wash fastness on both cotton and cotton blends.

  • WetCap no clog maintenance system
  • Bulk ink system saves you money, period!
  • Prints on light and dark garments
  • Automatic laser height adjustment
  • Removable platens
  • Dual shirt printing capability

Technical Specifications

Specification Details
FreeJet 330TX Overview FreeJet 330TX (White and Dark Garment Printing)
Printing Method Direct to Garment Ink Jet Printing
Print Head Technology Ink Jet Piezo Drop on Demand
Maintenance Auto Maintained with Wet Cap No Clog System
Dimensions 25 x 42.18
Weight 150
Print Direction Bi-Directional / Unidirectional
Print Speed Approx. 10 x 10 image 45 sec @ 1440 x 720
Interface USB 2.0
Printing Resolution Up to 2880 x 1440
Software Requirements Windows® 7, XP, Vista, Mac using parallels or similar emulator
Ink Type Direct Ink Powered by DuPont Artistri
Ink Channels 8 Channels (CMYK + WWW) or (CMYK, CMYK)
Ink Supply Method High Flow Bulk Ink System
Pre Coating Required when using white ink
Voltage AC 110 / 220 25W
Power Consumption 70 VA (varies on activity) 20VA (idle)
Height Adjustment Auto Sensing using optical sensor up to 5 inches
Environmental Conditions Temperature 10-25C / Humidity 50/80%
Rip Software Direct Rip Included
Print Area 12.79 x 22.75 Print Area.
Available Platens Hat, 2 up Adult, Regular Adult, Youth, Sleeve, Infant
Printing Substrates 100% Cotton and Cotton Blends

Direct To Garment Printing

Direct to garment printing is a rapidly growing segment in the garment decorating industry. Now you can offer full color, short run garment printing without the setup cost and time associated with traditional printing methods. With direct to garment printing you can fulfill the highly customized print jobs of today’s on demand print customer. This translates into a high profit margin and demand from corporate customers, non profit organizations, school athletics and more.

Hassle Free

  • Adjustable bed height up to 5 inches
  • Automatic laser height adjustment
  • Extra-long print area of 12.75 x 22.5

Bulk Ink Saves You Money!

If you are using ink cartridges you are spending too much on inks. The use of our bulk ink systems allows you to purchase inks in bulk bottles and reduce your cost per liter by over 50%. This translatets directly to your bottom line profit. With our proprietary High Flow Bulk ink system you get the best of both worlds; cost savings and the superior ink flow required for direct to garment printing.

Experience the difference in DTG printers!

Our line of FreeJet DTG printers is the only low maintenance, printer in the industry. Our patented systems will ensure your printer works for you and not against you. The FreeJet is powered by our industry leading Direct Rip system. They can be used seamlessly on any dark colored or light colored garments. Find out why SGIA voted us as one of the to Direct to Garment printers today.

Free Jet 330tx

Create Beautiful Garments

Prints on light and dark garments

The only entry level direct to garment of that prints on both white and dark garments. One more reason why to choose Omniprint’s Freejet printers

Bulk Ink Saves You Money

Our authentic ink system is powered by Dupont Artistri ink and is unlike anything on the market. Our bulk packages mean wonders to your bottom line. You will save over 50% off your total ink costs a year! The more you print the more you save. Simple as that.

Amazing Customer Service

Our DTG packages come equipped with full time support and training. Our support team is second to non. We are available to assist you 24 hrs x 7 days a week. What other company can give you an iron clad guarantee like that? Find out why we are the best.

No Clog System

Our patented ‘Wet Cap’ system will ensure your business never shuts down. Most printers clog and require maintenance, ours is meant to work for you and not against you. Our system will keep you print head and cleaning system flawless. You can’t lose.

Get your Freejet330tx Today.

  • True industrially manufactured textile printer
  • Bulk ink system saves you money, period!
  • Giant customization capabilities
  • Prints on light and dark garments
  • Dual shirt printing capability
  • Proven performance since 2005
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