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Have you ever dreamed of creating your own clothing brand and succeeding with it? What are you waiting for?! Building your own clothing brand from the ground up is now easier than ever with a wide variety of solutions available to simplify your execution while giving you more time to focus on the sales and marketing of your brand!

Mario Tovar is a designer based on Southern California. His career spans 12 years and started in 2007 as a freelance graphic designer. After graduating from CSUF in 2009 as a Graphic Design Major he worked for various ad agencies designing for clients like: Coors Light, Pepsi, Subway, Makita and various other household names. He left the ad agency world in 2011 to pursue his dream of owning his own agency, as well, as starting his own clothing brand. Fast forward to today, he now has multiple clothing brands generating millions of dollars online and at the retail level. You can see his work across the US daily.

Mario will be exclusively breaking down the key steps to creating a brand from the ground up, getting it into retail locations, scaling sales and creating a vertically integrated solution that you can branch off various brands from. Don’t miss out on this exclusive how-to from one of the most iconic names in streetwear and fashion today!