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Ink Innovation Awards

Gamut Plus Inks feature exclusive technology not found in any other DTG inks. Our high performance Gamut Plus Direct To Garment Ink has earned the following awards for innovation:

Inks and Consumables

Gamut Plus
Performance Advantages:

  • Print On More Product Types:
    Print on dark polyester, cotton, and cotton/poly blends.
  • The Brightest White in the Business:
    Print solid white, cover more with less ink usage.
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  • Shipping from HQ and our FL location:
    Receive orders within 3 days or less!*
  • Batch To Batch Reliability:
    Gamut plus are built from the ground up to insure quality and repeatability.
Streamline your Print Shop and Succeed
  • Better Washability:
    Gamut plus inks are built with washability in mind our inks simply stand up to more washes and retain their brightness.
  • Fast Setting:
    Designed to "set" faster which means you can take advantage of the one pass modes on your printers. No more waiting for white ink to set before printing the color pass.

Direct Ink

Digital textile inks made to produce superior results. Experience the difference!
  • Print brilliant, full color images.
    Long lasting and wash-fast prints. Economical pre-treatment for dark garments.
  • Bulk Ink = More Profit
    Print more profitably with bulk ink! Repeated side-by-side comparisons show that our high-flow bulk ink system combined with our low prices saves owners 50% or more on ink costs versus proprietary cartridge system ink.
  • Vivid Prints Every time
    OmniPrint’s own bulk ink – based on industry-leading DuPont® Artistri® , Direct Ink is formulated to produce superior results. Experience the difference!
  • Authentic DuPont® Artistri® Technology
    Don’t be fooled by other companies selling you untested ink. Rest assured your prints will shine with briliance and stand the test of time.

Vivid Prints

Supported Print Heads

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Print Head Compatible Ink
Epson(R) DX5 Gamut Plus, Direct Ink
Epson(R) DX7 Gamut Plus, Direct Ink