The Best Cost Per Print

Our Industrial bulk ink system saves you money by eliminating costly cartridges. The combination of buying ink in bulk containers coupled with the highest quality DirectRip Software reduces your production costs.

Industrial Speeds

The Cheetah is fast...really fast.

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Dual Independent Platten Technology

The Cheetah was designed with productivity and output in mind. The individual platens can be configured to work independently. This means that when an operator is unloading one garment, the industrial digital t shirt printing machine is busy printing the next garment, thus increasing productivity.

*Feature not available in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco and Netherlands

Space Saving Footprint

The Cheetah can produce a heavy workload in a fraction of the space required by traditional silk screening equipment, thereby increasing the revenue that can be generated by your workspace.

Quality Is King

Wurk Enabled

We have partnered with Wurk™, a comprehensive web-based production management solution that enables a truly automated direct to garment process from picking blanks to shipping a complete order. Wurkflow re-imagined™.

Technical Specifications

Model Cheetah Industrial D2
Print Heads Print head : GEN5
Number of heads 10 Print Heads
Type Water Based InkJet Piezo
Printing Resolutions 600x600 | 600x1200 | 600x1800 | 600x2400
1200x600 | 1200x1200 | 1200x1800 | 1200x2400
Printing Directions Uni/Bi Directional Printing
Print Pass Types True OnePass(tm) (Color+White) , 2 Layers (white then color), White only, Color only
Max Printing Size 16in x 20in (400mm x 500mm)
Platens Dual Independent Platens - Layer Printing on Single Platen / Layer Printing on Double Platen / Alternating
Garment Detection Automatic Heigh - Garment Detection System
Ink Types Direct Ink Gamut Plus Industrial Series Water Based Pigment Inks
Colors (Hexachrome) Green – Orange -Yellow – Magenta – Cyan – Black – White1 – White2
Ink System Industrial Bulk Ink System - Circulation and Degassing on board
Color Management Direct Rip with Color iOs
Workflow System Wurk Professional Automation Software
Operating System Cheetah IU
Power 220V AC (Dedicated Circuit Needed) - 25 Amps Max
Environment Best Printing condition : 75F ~ 85F | Storage : 50F ~ 85F | Humidity : 30% ~ 80%
Computer Included PC / Windows 10
Dimensions Dimension : 10ft Wide x 6ft Deep x 6ft tall
Weight 2900 lbs.

Specifications can change without notice - Customer is responsible for accuate site conditions

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