DTA Features

  • • 7 spray levels
  • • 2 options for spray direction
  • • 4 presets (saved environments for 4 different materials)
  • • Ability to save 4 custom settings
  • • Save time with custom environments
  • • Easily pretreat your garments with consistent results

Quick, Quiet, Consistent Spraying

The Direct Treater Air is the newest addition to our line of high quality pretreatment machines. Included containers make it easy to switch between pretreatment and cleaning liquid for simplified and time-saving operation.

Open Air Design

The NEW Direct Treater Air is designed for open air high production environments. Our DTA allows you fast loading, quick and reliable pretreatment applications every time. Waste tray attached to help prime and purge the machine easily without having to manually hold a cup or container under the nozzle.

Benefits of Using a Pretreatment Machine

  • • Consistent Spray Means Quality Prints
  • • Prevent From Over Pretreating Your Garments and Saves You in Pretreat Costs
  • • Increase Your Speed of Pretreat Production
  • • Easily Train New Employees to Pretreat Your Garments Correctly

Easy To Use Touchscreen Interface

Our intuitive display makes operation easy and efficient.