Fast & Consistent Pretreatment

  • • Easy Access Top For Maintenance
  • • Durable Aluminum Body
  • • Easily Switch Between 4 Liquids
  • • Modern Design
  • • Easy Access Windows
  • • Industrial Quality Components
  • • No Compressed Air - No Noisy Compressors
  • • Designed, Supported and Made in the USA

Consistent Spray Pattern

The Direct Treater Dual is a high quality pretreatment machine that is designed for fast, even, and consistent spraying for your direct to garment printing. The highest quality components and technologies have been integrated within the machine to achieve true reliable operation and consistently even spray pattern without the use of noisy air compressors.

Dual Functionality

Why choose? The dual functionality of the Direct Treater Dual allows for versatility between an open and closed top system. This gives you complete control over pretreatment jobs of all sizes! Upgrade your production and capabilities with the Direct Treater Dual pretreatment machine.

Benefits of Using a Pretreatment Machine

  • • Consistent Spray Means Quality Prints
  • • Prevent From Over Pretreating Your Garments and Saves You in Pretreat Costs
  • • Increase Your Speed of Pretreat Production
  • • Easily Train New Employees to Pretreat Your Garments Correctly
  • • Keep Areas Clean in Closed Environments

Easy To Use Touchscreen Interface

Our 7 inch intuitive display makes operation easy and efficient.

Customer Testimonials

Julio Rodriguez

“ After extensive research and comparisons, OmniPrint International blew the competition out the water. Their support to me and interest for my individual business to grow makes me feel like they are part of my business not just part of their own. Marvin, Mitchell and Jesus all have been very professional and informative. Their support and interest in my growth will help me become more successful then I expected. Looking forward to the future. OmniPrint International is now my new home! ”

Bruno Mendez

“ I highly recommend purchasing from omniprint, I purchased their free jet 300tx plus, and I’ve made so much money so far with this printer. Customer service is always on top of any concern I have, and their always calling me to see if everything is fine! I highly recommend purchasing from them.”