The big breakthrough for Direct to Garment printing this year has been the ability to print on dark polyester garments. This has been a highly requested feature since the birth of DTG. At SGIA 2016 OmniPrint International released its new Gamut Plus line of inks with the ability to print on all cotton, cotton blends and polyester garments.

Since then a lot of claims have been made that dark polyester can be done with other inks. The big thing to look at here is what kind of print are we looking at? Is this a tried and true process that is easy to do or is this just a print on poly that was somehow done to say we did it? There is a big difference between an ink that is formulated to work with polyester and an ink that has been forced to just get a print.

When you see that a company is claiming polyester printing ability you may notice that many important factors are not stated. Wash ability and the actual printing process are two major elements in making a true statement. If you can get a print on polyester but after you wash it the image has faded or gone in under 25 washes then the product is not designed for this type of printing. You will be selling the final product so you do not want your customer coming back with wash problems after a few days. The process of getting the ink to work on poly is also very important. If you have to add 10 more steps or change the standard printing process you may be looking at a serious loss in production and profit.

OmniPrint International spent countless hours in research and development to make a true multipurpose ink that works as well on polyester as it does on cotton. No extra steps are needed and the washabillity is the best in the industry. The Gamut ink line comes included with all FreeJet 330TX Plus printers. Direct Ink Gamut Plus is made for polyester. This product that can be used professionally for all your garment printing needs.