One of the most amazing features about the FreeJet 330TX is the fact it can sit for 30 days turned off and be up and running like new in just a few minutes. That is a big thing in the world of direct to garment when 3 days to a week of downtime is the standard before problems can start. Besides making sure your ink is flowing properly there a few other small things you can do to avoid potential future tech calls.

You will see inside all printers a clear strips than runs behind the print head carriage called an encoder strip. The print head reads data from strip that lets it know its position when moving. Over time it can get covered in dust, fibers and ink can build up and cause the print to crash. Once a week clean this strip with a lint free wipe and 60-70% alcohol.

The chrome plated metal bar that the print head carriage moves on can also cause crashing problems over time if not cleaned and lubricated properly. Once a month the bar should be cleaned and lubricated with a Teflon grease. OmniPrint International sells a special grease for this purpose.

If you decide that your machine is going to need to be put aside for a long period of time you need to make sure the printer is flushed properly with cleaning solution. The FreeJet printers can sit for 30 days with no problems but that does not go for most other printers on the market.