This week we have a very special Friday Favorites feature. It’s not a customer… he’s actually an OmniPrint rep!

This Monday we posted an article on The Significance of the Custom Tshirt, and what better way to make our point than by sharing a real-life story in which a personalized Direct to Garment shirt was used to create treasured moment!

*For privacy reasons the name of this rep has been changed for the purpose of this story.


Meet John… he’s a hard-working sales rep at OmniPrint International and loves what he does. He’s been a fundamental asset to the company for almost ten years and has built up a successful career in the Direct to Garment machine industry.

When the time came to propose to his girlfriend, and the mother of his 4-month old son, John knew he wanted to do something unique and personal.

What’s more unique than a personalized Direct to Garment Tshirt, printed on the OmniPrint FreeJet 330?!

So John came up with the perfect plan… He set the date for his lady’s birthday. Balloons and roses were ordered…

Next he printed a onesie for his son with the words, “Happy Birthday Mommy. Will You Marry Daddy?”

Now it was time to set the plan in motion!

John decorated the room and dressed his son in the specially-printed baby clothes. When the mother of his son read the words on her tiny child’s body, her eyes filled with tears. She looked up to find John down on one knee, holding an engagement ring.

Of course she said yes. How could she turn down a proposal like that?! Wedding bells are now ringing at OmniPrint and we couldn’t be happier for the couple.



This story is just one example of how a custom Tshirt was used to create a perfect moment. The Direct to Garment printing business isn’t just about selling custom-designed apparel – it’s about creating special moments like this!


Do you have a story you would like to share that involves a custom Direct to Garment printed Tshirt?



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