With our fantastic holiday special I bet you thought OmniPrint couldn’t get any more festive… but I’m about to prove you wrong in today’s Friday Favorites post on funny Christmas T shirts!

We all know about the famous “Ugly Christmas Sweater”. Some of you may have even attended a holiday party where this was the theme. Something that used to be taboo has become a Christmas trend. Somehow the T shirt got left out of this trend, but today I’d like to show you some of my favorite holiday Tee’s.

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Did anyone else know Sloths were so festive?

It doesn’t matter that this doesn’t make sense… Adding Star Wars to the Holiday mix is  just genius.


Great idea for a family Holiday photo op!

Now ‘Daddy’ can play Santa without hassle of the fake beard. 😉


There’s something for everyone in the family….

And I did mean EVERYONE.





Anyone else noticing a trend?


Be honest… how many of you would wear this on a daily basis through the season? I know I would!


For the cat lover. Meeeoow!

 A T shirt inspired by one of the most fondly remembered holiday movies, A Christmas Story!

Surely, you know this movie! From the movie series, Home Alone, this is another great Holiday classic!

I hope you enjoyed these Holiday T shirts as much as I did. If you have your own designs you’d like to share, we’d love to see them!


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