OmniPrint International has been rated the best DTG company in the industry, but we could not have achieved that title without the success of our customers. As a ‘thank you’ to those who have made us what we are today, OmniPrint is featuring our customers and their success stories. This week we will be showcasing Meryl Katlin and her business, TypeStyles Inc. and


TypeStyles Inc. – “All Types and Styles of Printing”



Who Are They and What Do They Do?

TypeStyles Inc. is a Creative Studio offering a wide range of services, including graphic design, custom print-to-paper orders and apparel design. If you’ve thought of it, they offer it! Specialty items such as custom glassware, stationary and promotional items can all be customized by you.

Going hand-in-hand with printing, this company also offers specialty apparel items such as: caps, custom printed t-shirts, jackets, beverage holders, glassware, golf items and more. is a “highly creative and innovative division” of TypeStyles, which features a highly sought after software which allows you to design your own custom printed t-shirts online! With over 20,000 graphics, you can customize both color and textures.


Are They Affordable?


Yes! TypeStyles Inc. has something for every budget. is also designed to be affordable, even with a lower budget. This online store has “the ability for unlimited affiliate sites that work with your own company to create a store for your apparel without any out of pocket expense” as they print on demand!

Now, here is a company with high-quality products for cheap! What more could you ask for?


Who Is Behind the Business?



Meryl Katlin, the owner of TypeStyles Inc. and, worked in the paper printing and screen printing business for several years prior to starting her own company. A veteran of the industry, she understood the client need for high quality and color service in their products. TypeStyles Inc. was started in 1991 and Meryl worked from home initially, as is standard in many small start-up companies.

As the business grew and began making more profit, Meryl started looking into Direct to Garment (DTG) machines to extend her business. It wasn’t until 4 years after seeing her first machine that Meryl finally purchased her own.

“I researched what they were all about and how I could fit it into my budget and work flow. I was getting calls from the DTG manufacturers urging me to pick theirs, but I was afraid of being at the end of the day with a big order and the machine breaking down. Plus the machines looked flimsy and like plastic toys for a lot of money,” recalls Meryl.

She knew she wanted a machine that was reliable and able to print on dark t-shirts and hoodies, which was an issue for many of the machines she was looking at. “We were recommended to take a look at the FreeJet [from OmniPrint Intl.] and basically I took that recommendation, f0und the distributor and travelled to his location for a day of schooling and to see how the machine works. It is not a piece of cake and does require care and attention to detail, but I LOVED what it could do. So I ordered one.”


How Has the Direct To Garment FreeJet Worked Out for Meryl & Her Business?



When it comes to garment design and printing, this boss knows her stuff. This is a competitive market, and Meryl knows how to differentiate herself from her competitors.

“Technology is always changing, and with that so does the market. In order to be successful, you have to think outside of what the average person in your area is selling.”

Direct to Garment printing isn’t just about t-shirts, and TypeStyles Inc. is a prime example of a business branching out of the box. The Direct to Garment industry is constantly changing, and Meryl has done an excellent job of ensuring her business keeps up with the trends.

As a result of her success, Meryl has become the go-to person in South Florida for dark t-shirts. “People in the trade use me for their short runs or proofs. Customers are amazed at the quality of their artwork and artists flock to my store. We built an online store around the FreeJet. We run that machine every day. I would never buy another Direct To Garment machine from any other company than OmniPrint, and I tell everyone the same thing. There is no better service and no better quality print!”

Mery’s success is our success, and OmniPrint International is proud to be a part of her story! For more information on what’s new with TypeStyles, Inc.  and, follow them on Facebook!


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