The Direct To Garment business is becoming an increasingly popular industry, making for a competitive atmosphere. At OmniPrint we provide you with all the support you need to you make your business a success. Here’s our To-Do List before you take your Direct To Garment business pro.

1) Come Up With a Marketing Plan. Don’t expect customers to come looking for YOU. Business won’t automatically start coming in the moment you open up shop. Design a marketing plan to gain interest in your products and encourage sales. Look for companies to market to and start making connections.

2) Do the Training. No matter who you buy your Direct To Garment printer from, the company should provide you with hands-on training and teach you how to properly use the machine. Don’t rush the training process or skip it altogether. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your machine BEFORE you start the business.

3) Create a Workspace. Whether you are working from home or opening up a shop, make sure you have a dedicated work environment. You need space to work and get organized.

4) Get Trained on Graphics. Even if you don’t plan on creating the graphic designs yourself, it’s still important to get some kind of graphics training. There may be times when customers need assistance on converting their image to the proper format or layout of the garment. Learn how to properly use Photoshop and Illustrator so you can assist customers as needed.

5) Get to Know Your Machine Before Taking Orders. It may be tempting to start taking orders the second your machine comes in, but give yourself some time to establish a learning curve. Proper training doesn’t ensure your immediate success. Don’t make your first job the first test run… Run some sample prints to get comfortable using the machine before processing your first customer order. Top-quality prints will get you more business in the long run. 


Do you have more questions about starting your own Direct To Garment business? Contact a rep at OmniPrint International today and we’ll walk you through it!


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