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This weeks Creators 1 on 1 session features Rj Messenger of Iron Empire. Listen to his story of how he went from an underdog then used his strengths to turn his life around. Rj walked away from his steady job to build his own clothing company, Iron Empire, later on staring in the first season of Discovery Channels Undercover Billionaire, where he helped build a BBQ business from nothing in 90 days.

Today we’re talking to RJ Messenger, the CEO of Iron Empire. Before starting his business he was the true definition of an underdog. He had a number of felonies, no college degree and no idea what he wanted to do with his life. 

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He ended up taking a full time job with the city. But somewhere deep down that just wasn’t enough for him. RJ wanted more for himself. That’s when he put everything he had into the beginnings of what is now his clothing company Iron Empire. 

In just a few years RJ managed to take a hobby that he began in high school and flipped it into a huge clothing business that would make him an immense amount of profit. As the clothing business grew, he opened up physical locations and an online source that would allow customers to place custom orders from anywhere in the country and on their own time. 

Learning that being an entrepreneur has highs and lows, RJ discusses some key points about growing a business and sticking it out for the long haul. 

Key Point #1: Love what you do.

When you love what you do, and the freedom that comes with owning your own business even hard things are worth doing. 

Key Point #2: Love the people around you and treat them well.

When you treat others well. They treat you well. Honor and care for the people who support your business and they’ll be there for you when you need them too.

Key Point #3: Put in the work…no matter what. 

Sometimes sh*t hits the fan. Things can fall apart in a moment’s notice. But what truly separates the successful from those who arent is being willing to put in the work to keep everything above water. 

Introducing a lot of good points on working in the competitive custom clothing printing industry. RJ believes it’s your mindset that matters most. Even though his business is huge, he doesn’t believe in trying to outsell, tear down or beat his competition. He believes that everyone can work together, benefit and profit. 

Once you learn the lifelong skills that come with being an entrepreneur you can literally do anything. On Discovery Channel’s undercover billionaire RJ was tasked with building a BBQ business from scratch in just 90 days. He did it successfully by delegating what needed to be done to others who could do it more quickly. It’s pivotal moments in his life like these that cause people to ask him ‘how he does it?’.

RJ often tells people that everyday is a pivotal moment in his career. Every single day needs to be a day where you’re working toward your goals. And your goals need to be getting bigger and bigger as you move up your own ladder of success. 

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