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Now is the time to seek opportunity for your business in these unprecedented times. While businesses across the board have been disrupted, new markets have emerged. These are markets that you can directly serve with the tools you currently have in your print business. Now is the time to adapt during the COVID-19 crisis.

The CDC has officially announced that the use of cloth masks is recommended for use in public in addition to social distancing as prevention measures for the coronavirus. While many argue that the use of cloth masks is not as efficient as N-95 masks, those critical supplies are best results for health workers and other first responders as recommended by current CDC guidance.

This has opened up a new market you can service directly as a garment decorator, face masks.

At OmniPrint, we currently now have in-stock 100% 2-layer white cotton protective masks available at wholesale! These masks are 100% American-made using American garments. They are completely reusable with filter insert slots if additional air filtration is desired! Because of recent news and CDC guidelines, these make the perfect item for your business to offer to your community.

Offer these as-is to those that are in need of a face cover solution or offer complete customization of these masks! A wide variety of garment decoration methods can be used to customize these masks such as:
– DTG Direct to Garment Printing
– Screen Printing
– Vinyl Transfers
– Embroidery
– and more!

These masks also present a unique opportunity for fundraising with businesses that are currently closed due to the coronavirus. Masks are suddenly in demand and you have the ability to customize these to feature the logo or artwork of a barber, personal trainer, bartender, artists, or any other type of business with a huge following that is loyal to their brand.  Customizing masks for these businesses to sell at retail price makes a great partnership for the both of you to generate revenue while providing an essential product to your market(s).

Now is the time to leverage this opportunity and time is of the essence before it’s way too late to be the go-to for masks and customizable masks!

To place your wholesale order of masks, please email