The ISS trade show in Long Beach is always known as one of the biggest shows of the year for the printing industry. I have been going to this show for 9 years and I have to say this was the best show yet. I am not sure about attendance numbers but as far as things went at the OmniPrint International/ FreeJet booth it was nonstop. At almost every show you may have a few minutes to catch your breath, not for us. Even when the show was over people still wanted to stay in the booth for another 30 minutes to an hour.

I spoke with friends at other booths and was amazed to hear them say it was ok, or better yesterday. The thing that stood out the most was not the amount of people but the amount of people that came to see our printer as the main point of attending. It is for sure that the FreeJet printer and OmniPrint have made some good waves lately. Not only are people amazed by the print quality and the dependability of “Wet Capping” but they are now understanding the giant difference in cost to operate in comparison to other machines.

With the FreeJet 330TX garment printer cranking out t-shirt prints and the FreeJet 330UV printing amazing phones cases, some had a hard time figuring what printer to buy, some even purchased both. We also had the biggest hit of the show with our colorful David Bowie shirt in memory of his recent death. I cannot even count how many people asked if they could buy it? Thank you to everyone that came out to Long Beach ISS 2016 and thank you for making it obvious to all that OmniPrint International/ FreeJet are doing things right.