Social Media… The latest addiction of today’s generation and an invaluable business tool. If your company isn’t online it might as well not exist. At least, that’s how it seems in today’s world. Flipping through the Yellow Pages for business information is a thing of the past. Now, it’s all too easy for consumers to search local shops and restaurants on their phone, tablet or computer.

Five years ago, you could get by with just a Yelp account and a business website. Today, however, companies need to promote themselves across the social media sites and send regular email newsletters just to keep up with their competition.


Social Networking is key! Here are 4 tips to keep your business Up-To-Date in the Social Media world and gain new subscribers:


1. Post Daily

  • Customers like consistency. Posting updates on your Facebook business page or Twitter account once a month won’t help your business grow. You need to set aside at least a few minutes a day to create a few posts so customers can see that you are consistent in your outreach. Facebook has a timer feature which allows you to set the time for future posts. This is great if you have limited time. Spend 15 minutes creating the posts and space them out over the course of the day using the timer feature.



2. Content is Key

  • No one wants to subscribe to a site that is constantly selling to them. Generate posts that are engaging and interesting to your target audience. Include specials, industry facts and eye-catching images.
  • As a rule, most social media marketing strategists recommend making 80-90% of your posts interesting and fun for readers, while 10-20% should be information on your business and showcase promotions.



3. Blog About It

  • Don’t have a blog? Think about starting one. Engaging articles that are informative and fun to read are a good way to get people talking about you and could increase your sales and gain new followers for your social media sites.
  • List different/new ways to use your product(s), customer ratings on merchandise and featured products.



4. Email Newsletters

  • According to the Social Media Examiner, 91% of consumers check their email every day. According to these experts, email marketing is “the third overall most effective channel for lead generation for marketers in 2013.” Weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly newsletters are a good way to keep in touch with customers and promote sales. Keep your subscribers up-to-date on the newest products, trends and sales!
  • Make it easy for consumers to purchase featured items by adding “Buy Now” buttons and image links.
  • Make it easy for customers to subscribe to your newsletter by having a simple and fast sign-up process.
  • Give customer incentives for subscribing via email; “20% Off Your Next Purchase When You Sign Up For Our Newsletter with Your Email Account!”
  • Give each newsletter a creative and intriguing title that encourages more clicks and reads.


Do you have any of your own tips for Social Media Marketing you’d like to share? Please post them in the comment section below!



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