When we hear the term “Goofing off…” we don’t typically pair it with “work”. The workplace is where we go to WORK… complete our assignments as efficiently as possible and act like the mature professionals we were brought up to be. More and more CEO’s and managers, however, are paving the way for a more light-hearted and fun atmosphere in the office.

“For me,” says Playworks founder and CEO Jill Vialet, “it’s a constant effort around getting the message out that work is not the antithesis of play–by no means at all. The opposite of play is depression,” (Entrepreneur article: Business Trends 2013)

The overall atmosphere is set by the boss. If the leader of your team is flexible and humorous, it sets the tone for others to do the same. When you work hard, sometimes it helps to add in a little silliness every now and then to lighten the mood. Research shows that employees who enjoy their work environment are more willing to work hard and have a stronger sense of loyalty to their company.

Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play, says a positive spirit should start from the top. “The key to leadership is being flexible and open and playful … in a way that is really natural to your own personality,” Brown says. “When work and play can be joined in a way that works and is sensible, that, to me, is an ideal,” (Entrepreneur)

There is a fine line between acting ridiculous and joking around the office. When the office energy is pleasant, it boosts office moral, builds stronger communication skills, fosters bonding among employees and encourages more efficiency in the workplace. However, many articles discourage against this kind of behavior at work, claiming it could cost you your job. In some instances, this is true. Make sure you aren’t being inappropriate or over the top.

Overall, most research suggests that a little goofing off and laughter is beneficial to the work environment. Don’t believe me? Read this article on Five Ways to Invite Laughter into the Workplace, which explains the benefits of creating a fun work atmosphere. Some key benefits of “laughter in the workplace” this article lists are:

  • Improved overall health
  • Improved mood, productivity and inspires creativity
  • Encourages the sharing of ideas
  • Improves camaraderie and relationships in the workplace


What is your workplace like? Do you already follow these trends and encourage a little laughter and goofing off, or is it a more structured environment? Let us know how your work runs and how it affects your productivity!



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