T-shirts are the most commonly used garments for DTG printing businesses, but many companies are quickly catching on to newer trends. Hoodies, hats, bags, scarfs and more… Customers are asking for more clothing options and if you aren’t prepared to meet their requests, you could be short-changing your business.

Read below for information on two growing trends in the DTG industry.

  1. Pet & Child clothing

The pet apparel industry has drastically grown in the last five years, making it a profitable market for entrepreneurs. According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, more than 50 billion dollars in sales were from pet clothes product last year. Clearly, this is one opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

Infant clothing is another profitable sector of the apparel industry. Infant and children clothing products bring in approximately 10 billion dollars annually, with a growth of 1.1%, according to the IBIS World Industry Research Division (

What you need to create pet and child apparel with your DTG machine:

  • Pet clothing – check with your current t-shirt distributors and see if this is something they offer!
  • Infant/Child-sized clothing.
  • A small platen to hold the garment in place during printing.

For more information on creating a pet-garment design company, read this helpful article.


  1. Recycled Cotton

Growing concerns for the environment have made recycled products exceedingly popular. Everything from boxes to clothing can be made with recycled materials, and customers are willing to pay more for a product that helps the environment. Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to participate in the Green movement by local tax incentives, available in certain states. By showing customers you are environment-conscious and making an effort to turn your business Green, you could potentially gain a whole new customer base and increase your revenue.

What you need to go Green with your business:

  • Ask your wholesale retailers if they carry garments used with recycled cotton. If there’s an increase in cost for these materials, pass that increase on to your customers! Most people are willing to pay more for a product they feel is helping the environment.
  • Recycle at the office!


For more information on how recycling can help your business, please review the following articles:


How is your business doing? Are you already involved in these trends or still considering the possibilities? OmniPrint International wants to hear from you! Tell us what’s working for your business and how customers are responding.



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