Keeping up with the trends is a part of business management and crucial to marketing. Following the current market will not only help you target the right audience, but can give you ideas for new products. What’s ‘Hot’ and ‘What’s Not’ is constantly changing in the apparel industry, so it’s important to have the most current information to ensure business success.

An easy way to see what’s new and trending is to take a look at the magazine racks in your local bookstore. If a topic is popular, they are more likely to have advertising investors; the thicker the magazine, the larger the advertising content.

Take a look at these trends in today’s market and see how you can incorporate them into your business!


Youth Market

The current youth generation is a driving force in the apparel market. Pop-fan culture is a huge driving force in the economy, and responsible for billions of dollars in sales each year. According to research done by the Media Network, “Young people are key to numerous markets, from mobile, fashion and technology to alcohol, snack foods and entertainment”.

How To Use This In Your Business:

  • Create designs that represent popular singers/bands/actors on Tshirts and accessory items
  • Look for current youth trends and quotes to use in your apparel designs
  • Market popular “youth” products in your designs


Green Movement

The Green Movement has become a huge industry trend in the market. Growing concerns for the environment have put added pressure on businesses to become more environment-conscious. Recycling is becoming more popular amongst corporations and adds positive PR to the company’s image.

According to a recent Harris Poll, “Over 74% of American adults believe in the global warming theory. Over 73% of U.S. citizens approve of the Kyoto agreement for countries to limit their carbon monoxide and greenhouse gas emissions” (Hottest Small Business Trends)

How To Use This In Your Business:

  • Offer clothing items that are made from recycled cotton
  • Create a “donation clothing brand” where a small amount of each sale goes to a designated charity.
  • Promote Green awareness in the clothing designs
  • If you recycle at your place of business, let your customers know you are working towards eliminating the amount of waste your office produces


Health & Wellness

Going hand-in-hand with the Green Trend and health care reform are growing health concerns for the individual. Autism and Cancer scares have boosted gluten and sugar-free diets. Most restaurants now offer a “Lighter” menu, some even advertising gluten-free meals. This trend which encourages people to eat “cleaner” and organically to ensure long-lasting health and prevent debilitating diseases from occurring within the body.

How To Use This In Your Business:

  • Promote healthy living in your clothing designs
  • Talk to local health-food stores and fitness businesses about possibly representing their business via garment design.
  • Work with local farmers’ markets to promote fresh produce in your designs and possibly market your items in their booths!


These are just a few of today’s trends. By keeping on top of the current hits, you can make your business a driving force in the
industry. Are you using any of the above listed trends in your company? Tell us about it!



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