Portability isn’t usually the first qualification you look for in a Direct To Garment printer, but this perk definitely has its benefits.

Here are some situation in which a portable machine is beneficial:

  • Portability makes for easier transitions should you need to move your business.
  • Easy to travel with should you need.
  • On-the-go printing for Kiosks, Swap-meets, Malls, Special events, Road shows, demos.
  • The more moveable your printer is, the more options you have as far as selling space and customer exposure!


The FreeJet 330TX weighs in at 150 pounds, with dimensions of 25″ x 42.18″. Not exactly a one-handed lift, but compared to the “versatile” Brother GT-341 Garment printer which weighs a whopping 245 lbs, our FreeJet is a light-weight.

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