Dear Valued Clients,

The safety and health of our team members and our customers are always our utmost priority. In fact, happy customers and happy employees are deeply rooted in our core values.

At OmniPrint International we are taking steps to make sure all our employees, customers and products are safe. Our products & raw materials have been in stock for many months and free of any infections. Our USA-based manufacturing operations are continuing to work and produce high-quality products for you every day. We are also monitoring any inbound shipments and taking many extra precautions during this time.

Thanks to our administration team, we have 6 months’ worth of raw materials in stock for the production of our inks and consumables, which allows us to manufacture big volumes of ink so we don’t run out. We suggest you check your stock to make sure you have the supplies you need for your orders in case there are shipping delays.

For the safety of our employees, we are expanding our work from home policies. Since the beginning, we’ve built a web-based architecture for our business and our employees can work from home if needed with no disruption.

Even though some top shows are being canceled we are committed to increasing our activities during this time. We will still honor our show specials.

In our 15 plus years of business, it’s not our first economic hiccup and we are clear that there is always growth and big opportunities to connect with each other during these times. We will have exciting, new web-based shows, entrepreneur sessions that bring a ton of value directly to you so stay tuned.

I’m very proud of the strong team we have created over the years and you can rely on us to weather the storm together.

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Kind Regards,

Victor Peña
President & CEO