It is almost that time of year already where you may be looking forward to some time off for the holidays. It is always very important to make sure you are following the maintenance routines provided by the manufacturer for your machine. Get a good idea of the time your machine is going to be sitting and not printing. Depending on the amount of time down you may need to flush your printer with cleaning solution and remove all ink. Every printer has a recommendation for what is required, follow it to the T. Luckily for FreeJet owners once you have Wet Capped your printer you are safe for up to 30 days.

Even if you have a great and reliable system to handle extended down time you should still take some time to do a once over maintenance before your break. Give your capping station and wiper blade a good clean along with the encoder strip for your print head. Give your white ink a good shake and if you can, cover the printer from collecting dust and lint. You may end up taking a little more time away from your printer and you don’t want to come back to an unhappy and neglected printer.