T-shirt sales have never been lower for all print businesses but it’s time to pivot to keep up with the market or forever close your doors!

As businesses are now slowly reopening, the demand for branded face masks is higher than! It’s key to leverage these new requirements for face coverings for employees! This means you can open up new revenue streams from a vast array of business industries by producing branded masks for their workforce!

Custom branded face masks present multiple potential revenue streams via B2B, B2C, e-commerce, and even working with local government agencies!


With an average workforce of up to 50 employees and an endless list of local restaurants in your area, this industry is one of the many gold mines for you to prospect for branded face masks. These workers handle food in conjunction with communicating face-to-face with customers so branded, reusable masks is an easy sell here! It will be key to push the sales of multiple masks for each employee while noting they are washable and reusable so that they can stay in uniform while washing the mask used the day before. If you were to sell branded masks at $8 each for a restaurant workforce of 30 employees with 3 masks for each employee, that comes out to a $720 order for that one restaurant alone! (90 branded masks @ $8 each = $720 Total) If you were to sell branded masks at $8 each for a larger scale restaurant workforce of 90 employees with 5 masks for each employee, that comes out to a $3,600 order! (450 branded masks @ $8 each = $3,600 Total) This is also a niche where you can wholesale branded masks which they can sell to their loyal fan base!


Clothing stores, electronics stores, department stores, big box stores, sporting good stores, convenience stores; all examples of businesses with a sizable workforce range. These are all employees with incredibly hands-on jobs at high-traffic locations so demand is HUGE here, especially with some stores prohibiting entry without face covers! If you were to sell branded masks at $8 each for a mom & pop convenience store workforce of 8 employees with 3 masks for each employee, that’s a simple $192 print job! (24 branded masks @ $8 each = $192) A print job of 250 masks at $8 each for 50 employees at a larger big box store can bring in $2000!


While some companies are continuing to telecommute, many are returning to their offices under new guidelines making masks mandatory in the office. Workforce sizes also vary with the company size and business type but the office environment requires a professional, uniform look so branded masks are a great sales opportunity in this venue! While start-ups can feature teams of 10+, larger offices can consist of teams of 300+! If you sold a tech company with a team of 200 on 5 masks for each employee at $8 each, that’s a whopping $8000 job! So hit the many office parks near you because this is another gold mine for branded masks!


Warehouse personnel can range from small teams of 10 to large teams of 1000+! These types of workers perform their tasks in such close proximity to each other so branded face covers are crucial in an environment like a warehouse. In addition, these warehouses generally include an office administration department which would also require the use of face covers. Even if you sold a warehouse center on 1 mask for each their 500 employees at $8 each, that’s still making you $4000!

Government Agencies

Your local government agencies will be key to contact when it comes to branded equipment. These institutions pride themselves in featuring the city seal or their seal so it would be a great sell to feature that imagery on the mask for your local city hall, DMV, Chamber of Commerce, and more!

Salons & Barbershops

Barbershops & Salons are going to be booming as soon as they reopen! Hair on everyone during quarantine has grown long, lost its color, and has become in dire need of maintenance so the appointment books are going to be slammed for these businesses! These are great places to pitch branded masks, even personalized branded masks for each barber/stylist that they can also sell to their loyal clients!


Once the bars reopen, the regulars are going to come flocking back so it’s key to help these popular establishments keep their workers protected while staying in uniform. In addition, these businesses are also a great opportunity to sell wholesale branded masks for their loyal customers to buy and wear!

& Many More Business Types!


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Written by Sergio Alejandro Ramirez
Director of Digital Marketing, OmniPrint International Inc.
Thursday June 4th, 2020