Too many see this pandemic quarantine life as a sort of vacation. People are making the bad mistake of sitting around and binging entire TV shows when they could be using this time to their advantage. 

This coronavirus situation has leveled the playing field but has also divided everyone into two types of businesses: those who are waiting it out and those who are working to come out of this situation with the upper hand. Business coming to a halt should be no excuse to not be doing the most productive thing that any business can be doing during COVID-19 and that’s LEARNING

When this pandemic is over and life is ready to start getting back to normal, you best have come out of this with new skills to level-up your business and/or your life. Here are the best ways to learn new skills while you stay home and shelter-in-place:

  1. Read A New Book:
    Reading the writings of learned scholars has been around since 3500BC. Why not use this time to do some real reading? Don’t limit yourself to fiction works, read something that’s going to teach you something useful that you can apply to your business. Even if you’re not the reading type, audiobooks will be your new friend! 
  2. Watch New Video Tutorials:
    If you’re more of a visual learner, the internet is the #1 resource for tons of free tutorial videos! Create your own video playlist and compile videos about new things you’d like to learn about! This option is also the best way to learn new software and manual skills! Use some of the time you use for binging TV shows and binge new skills instead! 
  3. Attend Our Free Digital Conference:
    On Thursday April 16th, we will be hosting the Creators Boardroom Digital Conference which will be 100% digital and streaming live for you to tune in from the comfort of your own home or office! Learn from some of the industry’s iconic leaders how you can level-up your business, sales, marketing, and more for FREE! (a $500 value!)

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