The COVID-19 situation is constantly evolving on an hourly basis and with social distancing becoming the norm, daily life is evolving with it. But as a business, you CANNOT afford to stop running your business! No business can! You need to evolve with the changes in the market while preparing to power through!

Now is the time to take advantage of your ability to print one-offs and small runs with DTG! With retail and several other industries taking a huge hit, there will be way less bulk orders coming in for screen printers. The demand for small run capabilities has increased tenfold! Leverage this market disruption by marketing your DTG printing service, presenting an affordable alternative during these times.

In addition, your on-demand capabilities can not only help small brands in your community, but also help others start their own companies from home while “sheltering in place.” Evolve with the market and make sure you’re fully stocked with the inks and pretreatments that will be needed to fulfill orders during this time!

Even if you plan on complete downtime during this situation, it’s key to at least make sure your printer is properly maintained with spare consumables on hand. Ensure you have a healthy supply of Super Cleaner and Super Nozzle Cleaner to properly clean and maintain your print head. Worst case scenario, make sure you have enough Super Cleaner to do a full flush if you’re planning downtime beyond 30 days and schedule your full flush with technical support.

It is key to avoid critical shortages especially during these turbulent times.

At this time, OmniPrint is still open for business and continues to send out all supply orders while complying with state/county restrictions and preserving the safety of our employees, customers, and products alike.

To help the situation, you can get 10% off your supply order and free shipping on orders over $250 by using the coupon code “supply10” in the official OmniPrint online store.