Imagine yourself on a sandy beach, the sun caressing your skin and the salty air in your hair. You have been working so hard… and this vacation was well-earned, but it’s quickly coming to an end. Two weeks have gone by fast and now it’s time to get back to work.

There’s a large order waiting for you when you get back to the office; 400 t-shirts, 75 pants and 140 hoodies. It’s for an important customer, and the order has already been pushed back due to your much-needed vacation. There’s not a second to waste, and your first day back is spent prepping the order. You write up the Purchase Order, set out your materials and pre-treat the garments. Now it’s time to boot up your DTG printer!

You set up your first t-shirt, upload the customer’s design and wait for the image to print. But there’s a problem… There’s a disgruntled gurgling coming from your machine, and you notice the image is not being transferred properly. The color is splotchy and inconsistent, some colors not appearing at all….


No, no, no… this can’t be happening! Not on the biggest order of the quarter, with a customer who is responsible for a large portion of your business. The customer… who has already had to wait two weeks for this order, and will not be happy with more delays. At this point, it is very likely that the customer will take their business elsewhere if their garments are not shipped on time.

WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?! You call the company that sold you your DTG printer and talk to a customer service representative. You’re frantic. There’s no time to waste, and now they put you on HOLD?! Why is this happening?? Why NOW?? WHAT CAN YOU DO???


Let’s face the music, there’s not a lot you can do in a situation like this. You can replace the print head, but that’s time and money you don’t have right now. Your customer is depending on you, and all it takes to lose a client is one less-than-pleasant incident. The problem with most Direct To Garment printers is they require daily maintenance. Otherwise you will likely have issues with clogging – an expensive and inconvenient fix.

At OmniPrint International, we’ve found a way to safeguard our DTG machines against print head and ink cartridge clogging. We have developed a unique Wet Cap system that prevents the ink from drying on the head, cleaning pumps and waste lines. They prevent any air from entering the waste system, creating an air-tight seal.

The Wet Cap system also floods the ink lines, pumping the print head surface with cleaner, which is the “antidote” for the inks. This extra measure allows for easy startup and ink loading when you are ready to print. With DTG machines from OmniPrint International you don’t have to worry about daily maintenance, allowing you to take the time off you deserve without repercussions.

Don’t let this tale become yours….

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