Marketing across the internet and social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, etc.) is still relatively new to some business owners. Here are some reasons why you should consider a social media marketing campaign for your business:

1) Creating a business profile is FREE on most social media sites. Of course, you can pay extra to increase the amount of traffic on your page, but a basic business site won’t cost you a dime.

2) You can constantly change the content! With a printed ad you’re committed to your image for the duration of your contract, unless otherwise specified. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest you can edit your company content at any time. This is especially beneficial when you’re offering specials or releasing new merchandise/services.

3) One unique aspect of social media marketing is that it allows you to connect with existing and new customers. When customers feel a positive connection with you, they are more likely to use you as a business source. It’s not always about marketing your product; you have to market yourself as well!

4) The amount of exposure you could receive is LIMITLESS! Anything posted online can be made reachable to anyone in the world. With any kind of print ad, you are limited in what you can say and who you can reach. Social media marketing is a daily practice, and gives you the freedom to provide as much or as little information as you like. It also exposes you to a much wider range of people.

“Marketing across the internet and social media sites, (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, etc.) is still relatively new to some business owners.”

Now that you understand the basics of WHY you should consider social media strategies when marketing your business, let’s talk about HOW to market yourself.

How you present your content is extremely important. If you’re only strategy is blasting your customers with advertisements and product information, you’re social media sites aren’t going to get you the results you want. The key is to engage the audience and get them interested in what you have to say. You want your sites to become a source of information that is factual, creative and entertaining for readers.

What is the best way to do this? RESEARCH! Look for any and all information that is even semi-relevant to your customer-base. If you’re business is fashion merchandising, you might want to include information on fashion tips/trends, fabric costs, do-it-yourself creative designs, and dyes/products that may cause skin irritations. Look for relevant news articles, blog posts, pictures and fun facts to post for your audience. In between your interesting, relevant news posts, you can include information about your own company products and specials.

It’s also important to include your audience in discussions and ask for feedback when you can. A simple “What did you think of this article?” can get your followers responding and generate new interest. Keep in mind that every time a follower on Facebook “Likes” or “Shares” something from your page it alerts that individual’s friends and family, thus exposing you to a whole new range of people. More exposure = more business.


No let’s review the basics of why social media marketing is good for any business:

1) It’s free

2) Content is interchangeable and unlimited

3) Unlimited exposure

4) Allows you to connect with customers/clients

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