T-Shirts are a staple item in closets. But, they don’t have to be boring. T-shirts are a great way to express your personality and style while staying comfy. There are many different ways that you can design shirts so that they are comfortable, yet stylish. 

It is especially important for DTG companies to be aware of these trends. Staying up-do-date on trends is essential in acquiring and maintaining customers. Here are some of the top t-shirt trends you should be looking for.  

1) Hand-Drawn Florals

Delicate, hand-drawn florals are being seen all over designs this year, especially on t-shirts. These delicate designs signify beauty and growth. They can be the main focus of your shirt or used to supplement text, as seen below. 

Grow Positive Thoughts Eco Tee (Single Color Print)

Credit: Wholesome Culture

2) Bold Statements

Your t-shirt can speak for you. You can get across a message clearly and boldly by creating a simple t-shirt. This is especially used for advocating for a cause, social movement, or a political campaign. This is a great opportunity for DTG companies to cater to customer’s needs and views. 

These bold statements can also be simple, or dramatic, with text in a fun font or color. But, many times, they are more about the statement than the design. 


Credit: J.Crew

 3) Retro

Have a blast from the past with retro-inspired shirts. Fun, colorful prints from the 60s, 70s and 80s are making a comeback. With iconic patterns and fonts, these shirts are both fun and memorable. 

Sunshine Vintage Inspired Shirts  60s 70s 80s  Positive White Ringer

This shirt shows a retro shirt with repeated text.

Credit: EspiLane

 4) Repeated Text Designs

Like bold statements, repeated text designs are a great way to get your message across. These simple shirts with a repeated word or phrase can showcase your personality and beliefs. 

These designs can be simple and delicate, or bold and fun. One great example that many creatives are using is the iconic “thank you” plastic bag print, but with different sayings. This makes for fun and memorable designs. 

Shop Marc Jacobs repeated log print T-shirt. | T shirt, Text tee, Shirts

Credit: Marc Jacobs

5) Pop Culture

This one is a classic. Pop Culture t-shirts continue to be one of the top trends for t-shirts. This gives people an opportunity to show their passion, and favorite things. For example; t-shirts from Friends, The Office and Disney are extremely popular. This allows people to show off what they love and connect with others. This is a fun idea to create themed shirts for a holiday, event or vacation. 

The iconic font from Friends can be used in many creative ways to create unique, custom shirts, as seen below. 

Custom Friends Shirt Custom Shirt Customized Friends image 0

Credit: The Custom Diva

6) Creative Typography

Utilizing different fonts and typography is one of the best ways to get creative in a simple way.  This helps to appeal to a wider audience, by offering different styles. Offering different styles will help your business appeal to a wider range and allow you to cater to different needs. 

This goes along with some of the previous trends. Fonts are essential for making creative shirts. Some fun examples to consider are:

  • Rainbow letters
  • Left-Aligned Text
  • Hand-Written
  • Tiny Text
  • Off-Register Prints
  • Calligraphy/Cursive
Off-register print t-shirt design

Credit: Hannah Mae Letter Co


Using popular t-shirt trends is a great way for your DTG printing business to grow. When you stay up-to-date with trends, you can be ready to meet the needs of your clients, by providing them with what they are looking for. 

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