Direct to Garment print machines have come along way from screen printing. With your top-of-the-line machine you can now print full color spectrum images and transfer photo images to cotton products.

Various platens allow you to print on T shirts, shoes, tote bags and home décor items. Not to mention the speed! With OmniPrint’s machines you can complete an image print in minutes.

Yes, Direct to Garment is a brilliant thing, and many Design-Your-Own T shirt companies have been built around this technology.

You know you have a great machine, but every once in a while you run into some technicalities. Either the image you are working with doesn’t have a high enough resolution, or the material you want to print on isn’t working well with the printer ink.

This is a discussion for “Difficult Prints”. Tell us about some experiences you have had, and what you did in the situation. Our staff would love to offer support and advice for this discussion!



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