When a business is first created, you have a vision of what kind of company you want to run and the types of customers you will attract. Mainstream, edgy, alternative or completely out of the box…. there are so many directions you can take, especially when it comes to designing T shirts and other forms of apparel.

Your designs are making a statement; they give customers an immediate impression of what your business is about and who you are as the designer/operator.

In today’s discussion I would like to invite Direct to Garment and Screen Printing businesses to tell us about your business and what you are trying to say with your designs. Post your replies in the comment section below and let’s get this discussion going!



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  1. The thing is…we have to remember the age old thing of: it is how you say it where you have to say it. but we also have to contend with the client…who in all likelihood is thinking…”what’s in it for me and why you…?” I always feel that you have to understand what it is your market wants to see from you at that moment in time and then formulate your message and image to suite/match that need…and how you are going to maximise that massage to get maximised response with maximised follow up? Never forget you are not your market…so get out there and see what the market wants from you.

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