In this day and age using social media is a very important tool to getting your business out there. If you are not doing it you need to start today. Using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will allow you to show what you do to people well outside of your customer and friend base.

I have spoken with many printers and asked them if they use any social media and many so no I am too busy. At the same time they are talking about needing to bring in more revenue. Once you have set up an account for each site it is very easy to use. Just taking a few minutes a day to snap a photo of something you are doing can go miles. Let’s say you just printed a cool looking shirt, snap a picture on your phone and post it. You will be showing the world what you do and opening the gates to finding more business.

If time is a major concern you can use a great site called HootSuite to post onto all social medias at once. You can take a photo and write something to go along with it one time and post it to all the social media sites you want in one swoop. This is also a great way to offer incentives for people that are following or are friends with you by giving special discounts.

Studies also show that Videos are one of the best ways to get people’s attention these days. With a little bit of know how it is not hard to make a small video of what you do and post it on You Tube. Social Media can become addictive though so make sure you use your time wisely.