One of a printer’s worst nightmares is a clogged print head! Especially if it’s the result of the print head brushing against a garment resulting in a potentially damaging (and expensive!) clog. If you don’t act fast you could cause permanent damage to the head which could require replacing it. Thankfully, with our Super Nozzle Cleaner, this and other possible issues can be easily treated and even prevented.

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Super Nozzle cleaner is designed to break down the direct to garment ink on the print head nozzles while preserving the print head. There are several ways you can use it, from pouring it into the wet capping station, to wiping the print head and printer parts.


To apply (video demonstration at the bottom of this post):

1. Press “Function” and “Up” to release the carriage out of the capping station (If you have a FreeJet) – If you have any other printer use the function of that printer to unlock the print head to give you access to the capping station.

2. Press “Power” and “Down” and pour some distilled water or Super Cleaner directly onto the capping station while it is pulling, then press “Power” one time to stop the pump. (If you don’t have a FreeJet use the function for that printer).

3. With a syringe apply a small cap full of Super Nozzle Cleaner on the capping station. You only need a small amount just before the cap overflows, then you want to lock the print head over the capping station as normal. Press function to move the carriage back on top of the cap station (If you have a FreeJet) – If you have any other printer use the function of that printer to lock the print head over the capping unit.

For best results, let the solution clear your print head over night. Do this weekly (such as on Fridays if you shut the printer down for the weekend) and you will see a great improvement on your nozzle checks and prints over time, not to mention savings on print heads and additional maintenance.


Important: If you have had a print head strike where the print head rubs over a pretreated garment then you must do this procedure right away. The longer you wait the more time it would take to recover and it might not recover at all. This is designed for preventative maintenance and we cannot guarantee it’s use for any particular purpose.
If you are wet capping the print head with super nozzle because you got a head strike you should do a “Power + Down” right away after the head strike, and then wet cap the print head with super nozzle for about an hour.