Here are some eco-friendly T-shirt options to wear and to print on:

Bamboo – Bamboo fabric is soft and has a feel similar to silk or cashmere. The unique micro structures of bamboo fibers make bamboo garments breathable and absorbent. Shirts made from bamboo are hypoallergenic and hold antimicrobial as well as UV blocking properties. Bamboo is also eco-friendly and does not require pesticides or chemicals when growing.

Hemp – For thousands of years hemp has been used as an industrial fiber but the coarseness of the fiber restricted hemp from apparel uses.  In the mid 80’s scientist discovered a way to degum hemp, leaving its strong properties and allowing the fiber to be spun for textile production. Clothing made from hemp is extremely durable yet soft.  Hemp garments have antimicrobial and UV blocking property and can retain warmth well. Hemp garments are suitable option for people with skin sensitivities and allergies

Soy – Soy fabric is strong and durable as well as soft, smooth and light. Soy fabric has a luxurious appearance and excellent draping abilities, making the fabric a flattering choice for fitted and flowing clothing. Soy garments do not need to be ironed or dry cleaned. Garments made from soy fibers have good absorbency as well as ventilation, and can retain warmth very well. Soy garments are known to have UV blocking and antimicrobial properties and do not need to be ironed or dry cleaned.