Over the last few years there has been a major boom in UV LED Printing. This style of printer is used mainly for printing on things like promotional products and other flat surface objects. UV has a wide range of substrates that can be printed on like glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics and many more. Depending on if the product is ridged or flexible a ridged or flexi ink can be used with printers like the FreeJet 330UV. With other printers you may only find the ridged ink option.

UV LED printers have a very unique way that they print and cure the ink. UV ink is cured when it comes in contact with UV light. Inside the printer on the side of the print head is a high powered UV lamp. The moment the ink hits the surface it is exposed to high levels of UV light causing the ink to cure instantly. So when the printer is done printing it has a completely cured image on the area printed. Something that is very unique to the FreeJet 330UV printer is that it uses dual lamps, one on each side of the print head. Most printers only use 1 lamp so all prints need to be printed in a uni-directional mode. So when the print carriage moves from right to left and then left to right you only print during the first right to left pass. The FreeJet 330UV has dual lamps, one on each side of the print head. By doing this the printer will print during both passes from right to left and left to right. The print speed is much faster when bi-directional printing is allowed.

When it comes to printing on promotional products like pens a jig is used to hold multiple pens to give you the highest print output. Many preexisting jigs are available for pens, coasters, phone cases, lighters, key chains, the list is endless. OmniPrint goes one step further and offer custom jigs to be made to help increase production of any product you would like to offer.

A question that is always asked is “can you print on garments with it?” the answer is no. Because things like t-shirts are so absorbent the ink will penetrate deep into the fibers, the UV light cannot go deep enough to cure the ink. The ink used for UV is also a solvent and not as safe of an ink used for DTG that is water based. However things like leather or windbreaker style clothing can be printed on because the will not absorb and do not touch the skin.

A UV printer can be a business in itself quite easily, whether you are selling promotional products or just printing them for a promotional product supplier. Add this printer to an existing DTG printer and you have a full service shop, it’s the perfect combination.