This week’s challenge was to print on a doll-sized clothing item. Now if you don’t have kids then you probably haven’t noticed the huge trend in matching child-doll apparel.

More and more toy companies are using this as a selling ploy for their merchandise, especially the American Girl doll company and Disney. So in honor of this challenge, today I will be printing a doll-sized Tshirt, as well as a matching onesie!


Before I begin, I’d like to go over some background information on this particular part of the industry:

Direct to Garment and Screenprinting vendors get so caught up in the custom-designed Tshirt hype, they sometimes forget there is a whole other sector in DTG printing: The Baby Tee.

Baby, toddler and kid clothing is a very lucrative business. More specifically, it’s a $10 billion dollar business. According to industry statistics, children’s apparel is responsible for nearly 20% of the apparel retail sales in the United States. Infant and toddler clothing makes up for the largest of this percentage (The Herald Tribune).


Getting Started…

First, I set up the 12-month onesie on the Chest Platen, also known as the “Baby Platen”.



Then I uploaded the image into the DirectRip software.



Now let’s start printing!


Once the images were finished printing, (less than 2 minutes each), I cured them in the heat press and they were ready to go!

It’s important to remember to think outside of the box when considering new designs for your merchandise. You can easily use most of your already-used designs on baby and kid clothes to generate a whole new wave of customers! Do you already have a child’s clothing line in your Direct to Garment or Screen printing business? Tell us about it and if it has paid off for your business?


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