The Tote Bag has many uses… It’s large and easy to throw your things in and go. Clothes, lunch, beach supplies, groceries… With so many uses, this canvas bag has become increasingly popular and we see them popping up more and more. Another reason for their growing popularity is the eco-friendly “Ban-the-Bag” Movement.

Grocery stores are now urging customers to bring re-usable bags for their groceries. This reduces the number of paper and plastic bags used, thus reducing the amount of waste and pollution in our environment. Some cities, such as Huntington Beach, have opted for a more direct statement by only offering paper bags that can be purchased for $0.10 in all grocery stores.

Now that I’ve convinced you of the usefulness of the Tote Bag, let me show you how I designed my very own!

First things first, it’s important to make sure the material you are printing on is workable with your machine. With OmniPrint’s FreeJet printers we recommend printing on material that is at least 70% cotton or canvas. For this print I chose a large canvas tote.

If the tote were black or if I was going to use white ink in my print then I would have used a pretreat solution on the bag. Since this tote was neutral color and no white ink was needed in my design I was able to bi-pass this step.

I used the Youth Platen and mounted the tote, then uploaded my image to the OmniPrint DirectRip software. Before printing begins, it is important to make sure the image is directed the right way for your tote. You don’t want an upside-down image on your bag!

Now let’s print!

There you have it, a beautiful and stylish tote bag printed in just over a minute! Are you printing your own personalized tote bags in your Direct To Garment business? Share them with us!


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