Help Us Help You

Over the last decade, the direct-to-garment industry has seen a lot of changes in the technology being used. Among these improvements are the dependability and ease of maintenance. Despite these improvements, the reasons for a printer not working properly have still not changed much over the years.

For a moment, imagine being a tech support person receiving at least one call a day about a printer not working well. You ask the customer what is happening and the response is, “I don’t know, it was working fine yesterday.” The approach to solving many problems is to work backwards and find the point at which something gave birth to a problem. Along that path of back tracking, a plethora of questions will be asked until that moment becomes completely evident. “Oh, the ink bottles are empty and the ink has dried up all the way through the system? So you were printing yesterday, right? That’s weird! Did you happen to travel in light years over the last few hours? This could have not happened so fast, no way!”

Be Straight Forward

Now, imagine having that same conversation with various people over many years. You may become a tiny bit jaded by the responses over time. When probing to find out the root of the problem, it would be very rare to hear, “Well some things happened and basically I have not touched the printer for over a year. I knew this would happen, so what can I do?” This response now allows the tech to get right to the point with solutions to help you move forward. Hours or days have not been spent trying to resolve an overnight mystery that we all know may be a little bit.. questionable.

Why do we do this? I am not trying to say it’s just people that own direct to garment printers who tend to minimize the errors they make, I think humans in general are afraid to admit to making mistakes altogether. At some point, we will finally say, “Okay, yes, I did it,” but generally that’s not our first response. With it being a very expensive printer you may have messed up, I can see a lot of reasons why you would not want to jump in and admit you may have made a mistake. The biggest reason is the potential cost associated with fixing the initial blunder. And what is worse is that this always seems to happen when you are down to your last dollar.

We’re Here For You!

This is why OmniPrint International takes the words “Technical Support” to the actual definition. The word “support” should be thought of as in a team and company effort to “support” you and your printer. We want you to feel supported, be printing and be happy. If something happens, we want to get to the bottom of the issue and get you running right away. And if you find yourself in a situation where you think you may have really messed up, don’t be afraid and just tell us. This is not the time for us to place blame or gouge you financially. It’s the time for us to work together and find out the absolute best resolution to your problem and get you back on track. At the same, this is the best time to figure out why this happened and make sure you have the extra training or material needed to help you feel 100% comfortable moving forward. Let us know of any areas you feel you may need more help on. I cannot speak for other companies, but when you need our help, we are here for you. So, you printed a hundred shirts yesterday and then today, when you started to try to print…???