A couple months ago OmniPrint challenged local artists and social media followers to a competition to create their own T shirt designs.

The rules were simple….

The image must be in high-resolution and an original piece created by the contestant.

www.omniprintonline.com must be incorporated somewhere in the design.

Two winners would be chosen; the image with the most Facebook “Likes”, and one based solely on creativity to be picked by the OmniPrint International staff members.

Here are some of the entries we received:

 By John Booth


By Jeremy Herrera


By Maria Cervantes

By Ron Goodwin


So many great designs, but in the end there could only be two! The image with the most Likes, at 103, was created by Jenna Mason! She designed this T shirt for her business and her friends and business associates were happy to show their support on Facebook.

The second winner, based solely on artistic creativity, was this design by Maria Cervantes! She incorporated the OmniPrint web address in her design so it became a part of the image, not just an add on.


Each of the winners won a series of T shirts with their printed design, printed with the FreeJet 330TX at the OmniPrint home office in Costa Mesa, California.



Are you happy with the winning images? Would you like us to do more Online Contests? Tell us your thoughts!



OmniPrint International