The new climate created by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has left brick-and-mortar retail storefronts shut down and all purchasing patterns have completely shifted to the digital side of business. If you want to survive this situation and put your business on the right track to longevity, NOW is the time for you to be working on your digital presence!

Statistics show 1.66 billion people shop online per year with those numbers jumping way up due to the recent coronavirus situation which has shifted all traffic to digital! The issue is, statistics also show that nearly half of all US businesses have no website and essentially no digital presence. These numbers show that approximately 50% of businesses are currently experiencing a complete cut off of their revenue stream all because they aren’t leveraging the millions of online shoppers that can be bringing in revenue at a time like this!

If you are have products you can sell online and you haven’t gotten started or are too intimidated to start, NOW is the time for you to be taught by the best!

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