Introducing: Color IOS™

The Best Color, The Lowest Cost of Production

What Does it Do?

We use the color of t-shirt to optimize the ink costs. This game-changing innovation reduces your production cost by an average of 28%* while improving image quality. Is your shirt optimized by color IOS™? Contact us today

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Save an $12,160 per year in DTG ink Costs

With Color iOs printing with the Omnimit Freejet 330TX Plus can save you .64 cents of ink savings on your prints. That ads up to $12,992.40 in ink savings if you print at least 20,160 shirts in 1 year.

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Color IOS™ Optimized

Ink cost per Tee*
$ 00.75
Ink cost per Year*
$ 15,241.60


Ink cost per Tee*
$ 00.90
Ink cost per Year*
$ 18,144

Color IOS™ Optimized

Ink cost per Tee*
$ 1.69
Ink cost per Year*
$ 34,070.40


Ink cost per Tee*
$ 2.12
Ink cost per Year*
$ 42,739.20

*your calculations will vary depending on your designs


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Color IOS™ Vs Regular Non-Optimized Print

See how a regular print comparis to Color IOS™ print.
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Look for Color IOS™ Optimized Garments

We have a library of profiles based on the garment styles. We are working with garment vendors to certify garment styles. Contact us to see if your garments are optimized for Color IOS™.

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Color iOs Technology is produced by Kothari Info-Tech (P) Limited and the Color IOS trademark belongs to Kothari Info-Tech (P) Limited.